Keno Guide – Part 3

There are several online casinos where you could play keno. Read all about it in part 3 of our Ultimate Keno Guide.

Choose Your Online Casino

For smooth and fair gameplay, make sure the gaming software used is courtesy Microgaming – a renowned and arguably the most reliable name in the world of online casino software. As far as choosing a particular casino is concerned, you’re in good hands with sites such as Spin Palace, Betway, Roxy Palace, 32Red Casino, and the likes.

Be wary of the fact that keno is gaining popularity as a game online and several casinos are putting in efforts to lure in as many players possible to beat the competition. Therefore, do not sign up with the first casino site you visit. Look around for options fairly extensively and don’t be swayed in too easily even if the bonuses on offer are too good to resist. Playing keno online and having fun is not just about the money. There are several other aspects that need to be considered too.

Free Gameplay Options

For instance, see if the casino offers you free gameplay options. If you’ve never played keno before, it’s important you have some practice sessions under your belt before considering real money gameplay. Some casino sites may even ask you to download the keno game software. Downloading software is fine. In fact, it lets you play the game offline quite seamlessly. However, downloading any piece of third-party program is a path you must always tread cautiously.

If you have access to the Internet at all times – both on your desktop computer and mobile device – it is better you play keno on sites that let you play right away. Some sites may even ask you to register. Such registration is required if you’re playing real money game. But if you’re planning to play for fun initially, then look for sites that don’t need you to register.

Also, some casinos may require you to choose a minimum set of numbers and have minimum betting amounts too. Check if the casino you’re perusing has such conditions in place. If they do, then make sure those numbers are acceptable to you.