Keno Guide – Part 2

Keno will be the last casino game on your mind if you’re contemplating strategies. The game is purely based on luck, and there is hardly anything a player could do to influence a particular draw’s outcome. However, there are certain things you must keep in mind while playing the game.

Different Strategies

Keno will be the last casino game on your mind if you’re contemplating strategies. The game is purely based on luck, and there is hardly anything a player could do to influence a particular draw’s outcome. However, there are certain things you must keep in mind while playing the game.

The biggest attraction of keno is its large jackpot prize. So if you’re expecting to win big, you must bet bigger amounts too. However, pick fewer numbers to better your winning odds. Also, the player odds are quite low and the house edge is on the higher side. Therefore, the ideal strategy is staying away from this game if it doesn’t offer a significantly high progressive jackpot.

Some people bet on numbers that weren’t selected in recent draws. And there are people who do the opposite by selecting numbers that came up recently. Some players bet on specific numbers such as 22 and 23 or 78 and 79, playing the probability game. Choose successive numbers – for instance, 6, 7, 8, 9, etc. Quite a few people have found this ploy to work.

Similar to playing any other casino game for real money, it’s important you keep a tab on your finances. In other words, you must make sure that you are betting money that you can afford to lose. Also, it is worth learning about the online casino’s payout odds.

Start with some free games if you’re new to online keno. You are a newbie even if you have played keno offline. The free gameplay would help you get familiar with the interface online and the pace with which the game rolls.

Picking the Right Numbers

As mentioned earlier, do not pick too many numbers. Ideally, the numbers you pick should be less than six. Quite a few amateur players believe their winning chances would go up if they choose more numbers, which is not right. At the same time, do not pick numbers too less. It’s important to create a balance and six individual numbers tend to do that.

Keno is quite random with its draws, but you need not be so. If you believe in lucky numbers or you’re sticking to a particular pattern based on birthdays and other random things, persist with them. You may not strike right away, but you don’t want to change numbers and later find your previous set of numbers struck gold.

At the end of the day, the key to acing a game of keno is learning the game’s rules. Also, play the game at a casino that’s known for its higher return payouts. Winning a game of keno does require some luck, but the aforementioned strategies, when applied, would increase your likelihood of success.

Software Picking

Some people, who do not want to stress themselves out on a task as simple as picking numbers, end up letting the software pick the numbers on their behalf. Yes, that is a possibility. But it’s something which is not recommended. Though there are no reports alleging foul play, there is something reassuring and confidence-inspiring about manually choosing numbers that automatic selections do not offer. If you still believe automatic selection is fine and that it helps you save time, you may go ahead.

Talking about saving time, keno offers a unique gameplay option called ‘multi-race cards’. When you use this card, you will have to pick your desired numbers only once. These numbers would automatically come into play in future sessions. You may sit back, relax and watch all the action. The card helps when you have no intention to change the numbers for subsequent sessions.

Making a profit or winning some money will always be your goal when playing a casino game online. But since the odds are more in the casino’s favour with keno, it is important you focus on breaking even first. The break-even requirements may vary with the total numbers you pick. The more numbers you select, the more matches you’ll have to score to break-even.

For instance, if you choose 7-11 numbers, you must score at least three matches to break-even. Therefore, if you’re considering choosing seven numbers, you may as well go with 11 as it’s easier to match three numbers out of 11 compared to three out of seven. If you choose five numbers, your break-even point is two matches. And it’s five matches in the case of 15 numbers.

Playing Keno Save

When playing keno or any other casino game, always stay mindful of your finances. You should not be playing with your grocery or rent money even if the casino’s payouts are higher or you feel it’s your lucky day. This is a rule you must strictly follow when you’re playing keno or any other casino game. When the outcomes of a particular act of expenditure is not completely in your control, you must play with money that you’re willing to forfeit.

Also, read the rules and regulations of the keno game in depth. Keno may seem like an extremely simple game on its surface, but what goes behind the scene or how things work underneath is something you’ll get some idea of only when you read. You should learn about the limits on the numbers you could put to play, potential payouts, minimum bets, etc. which come to your knowledge only when you gather information.

Moreover, picking random numbers may sound quite straightforward as well. Most people do it quite effortlessly, which is no great feat. Some people, as aforementioned, choose their lucky numbers. But there are some others who can be seen breaking their heads over which numbers to choose and which ones to leave out. And this confusion seems to widen when they have more numbers to select.

When to Cash Out?

The right instance to cash out is something that depends on your monetary goals. If you are set out to win big, then you should obviously not be cashing out early or when your wins are less than decent. But if your objective was to just break-even, then even minor profits should make you feel happy and tempt you to cash out.

Keno isn’t a game where you win large sums easily. You may win a huge sum at once, but you aren’t getting that lucky so easily. So if you’re going to wait until that big jackpot prize drops your way, you’ll invariably never cash out. You would be usually winning in short spurts (that is if you’re winning) and when that occurs fairly consistently, it’s recommended you withdraw. Needless to say, if you hit the jackpot, you must withdraw your money right away and head home.

If you had a playing budget in place (which you should always) and you have exhausted that budget, then cash out whatever that’s left in the account. This “budget” approach usually applies to people who plan to play the game every day for a considerable time period. If you’re trying your luck just once, then these budget rules may not apply to you.